Health Secretary: NHS needs to focus on what matters

The plans to judge hospitals and doctors against 60 new goals are designed to save more than 20,000 lives a year based on the quality of care patients receive not just the speed at which they are treated.

Comprehensive data on hospital death rates, the individual performance of GPs and surgeons and patients’ experiences under their care are to be published in an attempt to improve standards.

Mr Lansley said the 60 benchmarks included a commitment to reducing "the number of years of life lost to disease" an "improvement to recovery following treatment" and "a positive experience when using the health service."

He added that it was important to ensure, "those living with long term conditions at home are living without pain and able to go about their normal daily life and minimise the number of harms that occur to people, like infections acquired in hospital."

The benchmarks will be monitored partly through studying clinical data, for example, to ascertain whether mortality rates for cancer, liver and heart disease are improving, and partly through surveying patients to gauge whether they were satisfied by the standard of care they received and the speed of their recovery.

The Telegraph

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