Gaffe-free GOP presidential hopefuls stay on-message at South Carolina debate: Down with Obama!

Grand-Old-Party The GOP presidential contenders unloaded on President Obama’s efforts to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon in Saturday night’s debate — while avoiding any major gaffes or fiery exchanges.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney delivered a particularly piercing blow against Obama after calling the President’s handling of Iran’s weapons program his “greatest failing from a foreign policy standpoint.”

Romney and the other candidates seized on a recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency warning that the rogue nation may be seeking to build a nuke.

“If we reelect President Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon,” Romney told the crowd of conservatives assembled at Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C. “If we elect Mitt Romney . . . they will not have a nuclear weapon.”

The Republican presidential hopefuls often differed on issues such as what to do with the troops in Afghanistan, torture and how to engage Pakistan — but they all saved their sharpest barbs for Obama.

“There are a number of ways to be smart about Iran, and a few ways to be stupid,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose popularity has surged in recent days. “The administration skipped all the ways to be smart.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who was under especially intense scrutiny after he committed one of the most spectacular debate blunders in history on Wednesday, managed to survive without any serious hiccups.

In the previous debate, the tongue-tied Texan forgot the name of the third federal agency he would kill as President.

“Oops,” Perry sheepishly blurted out after drawing a blank on the Energy Department.

But on Saturday, he drew howls of laughter when CBS moderator Scott Pelley referenced his desire to eliminate that federal agency.

“I’m glad you remembered it,” Perry cut in.

“I had some time to think about it, sir,” Pelley replied.

“Me too,” Perry deadpanned.

Later, Perry offered a full-throated endorsement of waterboarding: “I will be for it until I die!”

The spotlight was also on former pizza magnate Herman Cain, who was cast as a foreign policy lightweight.

Cain, whose improbable campaign has managed to stay afloat amid sexual assault allegations from four women, drew a distinction with Romney and Gingrich on Iran, saying he
“would not entertain military opposition.”

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and Texas Rep. Ron Paul said they’d pull U.S. troops from Afghanistan immediately while Cain and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann both defended the use of waterboarding.

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