What a facialist wishes you knew

What-a-facialist-wishes-you-knew-0VIJMII-x Get glowing skin by following these rules from Elena Arboleda, head aesthetician at Mario Badescu Skin Care.

1. Spill it.

Clients forget to mention whether they're on medication. Some drugs can affect skin and can turn treatments painful, so don't hold back info.The more information you give your aesthetician, the better she'll be able to address your skin's needs.

2. Drink up.

Water is the No. 1 ingredient for healthy skin. Dehydrated skin tears and gets red and irritated more easily.

3. Use moisturizers.

Many people think they don't need them, but moisturizers act as a barrier between your skin and your makeup (not to mention pollution) and help prevent clogged pores.

4. Hands off!

Avoid picking at a blemish. Instead, while it heals, soothe and reduce redness by mixing a little cornstarch with water or egg white and dabbing it on the spot.

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