Nokia Windows 8 tablet ‘coming soon'

The 10” device would be among the first to use Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, and would follow from Nokia’s pioneering use of the Windows Phone OS.

Tablet manufacturers have been struggling to find a product to take on Apple's iPad, which has just been updated. New Microsoft software, however, will provide a new platform, and analysts have already been enthusiastic about the prospects for Windows 8 tablets.

Forrester’s Sarah Rotman Epps has suggested that the new platform could allow manufacturers to differentiate their products in a crowded market dominated by devices using Google’s Android platform.

Last week Windows 8 received a further boost when Mozilla announced that it would make a version of its Firefox web browser for the new platform.

Digitimes reported that Nokia will outsource the manufacturing of its Windows 8 tablet to Taiwan-based Compal Electronics. It claimed that initial orders would be at least 200,000 units.

Other manufacturers including Dell have confirmed that they will release Windows 8 tablets when the new software launches, although it is expected that such devices would use Intel microchips. Nokia’s is thought to be more likely to use a processor made by British company Arm. As such, it would be one of the first Windows 8 devices as well as one of the first ‘Windows on Arm’ devices. Limitations in the new designs, however, mean that the full version of Windows 8 would only run on Intel machines.

Late last year Nokia executive Paul Amsellem said that a Nokia tablet was likely to launch in June. Nokia officials declined to comment.

The Telegraph